Wednesday, April 13, 2011

my daily jewelry

Some people feel awkward with jewelry on. Some people feel naked without it. I definitely fall into the latter group. This is what I wear on a daily basis. All of these signify to me different times, memories, people, and interests of my life. All of them, with the exclusion of one, were gifts to me from people dear to me.

1. The Crucifix ring 
This was given to my by my grandmother. It belonged to her mother before that. Although, it wasn't this one, I first received and began wearing a crucifix ring after my First Holy Communion. It was also a gift from my grandma. It was a cheep ring, but I wore it till it broke (and I still have the pieces). For awhile I went without a crucifix ring until I received another one a few years later as an Easter gift from my parents. That one was also cheep and broke. I temporarily wore a Rosary ring as a replacement, until I lost it. Then in August of 2005 I found a Crucifix ring I liked in a tourist gift shop in Castel Gandolfo, Italy. I wore it for years. One day I showed my grandma and explained the 'story' behind my wearing it to her. Thats when she gave me this one. I switched from the ring I had bought to this one in Summer of '09 and have been wearing it on my ring finger ever since. This is one of my very dearest possessions.

2. The Spoon ring
After complimenting one of my very best friends on this ring in Spring of 2009, she lent it to me to wear for a few hours and hasn't allowed me to return it to her since then. I've been wearing it constantly since then.

3. Miraculous Medal necklace 
This also was given to me by my grandmother, but for no particular reason other then she happened to be coming over to my parents house for dinner shortly after needing to replace this Miraculous Medal necklace with a new one since the chain on this one no longer fit her neck comfortably. She told me she had been wearing it for years. 

4. Scapular Medal
This double sided medal shows Our Lady of Mt. Carmel on the front and the Sacred Hear of Jesus on the back. It was given to me as a gift from a dear friend of mine in Fall of 2009. It was during a very emotionally trying time for me and a time of growth. In the end, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel won the battle for my heart, against the wishes of the giver. Ironic. I've been wearing it constantly since I received it. 

5. Diamond stud earrings
This was given to me form one of my very best friends. I learned a lot that day. 

6. Pearl post earrings
K, this is the only one not gifted to me and the only that isn't really worn daily, but they are my go-to earrings and they do have meaning to me even though its not as strong a meaning. I bought them freshmen year of college while shopping with my sister-in-law. I was inspired to get them by a greatly admired teacher. The remind me of a time of changes and growth in my life and also of bonding with my sister-in-law-to-be.

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