the boots

Mt. Vesuvius, Fall 2009
Nearly every one who has met me in the past year and a half, and even some people who knew me before that, have come to identify me by my boots. For those people, my boots are such a part of me, that it is almost impossible for them to imagine me without them. The truth is though, that the boots have only recently entered my life. I purchased the boots from DSW mid August of 2009 on clearance for $50.00. Some people have 'love at first sight' moments with shoes, but when I first saw the boots it definitely  was not one of those moments. I was leaving in one week to spend a semester in Rome and needed a good pair of boots before I left. I bought them because they were the cheapest pair that fit me and weren't ugly. I wasn't very excited about them at the start, but because I didn't have time to look for other boots I had to settle for them.
First picture of me and the boots.
A week later we were on a plane together on our way to Rome. We were in it for the long run. It took us about two weeks to get to know each other, then after that, we were inseparable.

Eating gelato together one of the first weeks in Rome.
We have traveled to Italy, Ireland, England, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, and Grand Cayman and many U. S. states and cities.

Us in the Colosseum. 
Athens, Greece.
Near Doolin, Ireland.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, W. B. I.

The boots have also joined me in many of my fashion endeavors.