Monday, March 21, 2011

Ruffles and such

It occurred to me after I published my 'introduction', that besides introducing yourself, one of the main purposes of an introduction is to inform the reader of what they can expect to find by reading what you write. I did say that this blog's purpose is to record my thoughts, but I suppose that sounds somewhat vague. But, there isn't much to say to clarify or be more specific. I fully intend to write on what ever sparks my interest. Now, I will say, some areas or topics that are generally of more interest to me then others are fashion, art, colours, Chicago, antiques, hair styles, and decorating, books, etc.

I don't have too many cloths pieces with ruffles, but this past Sunday as I was dressing for church, I decided to combine nearly all of the ruffles I have into an outfit. Because it is finally starting to feel more like Spring, I wanted to wear something lighter than the black I've been wearing all Winter long, but still weather appropriate.
Ruffles in black and white plaid, goldish orange and peach.

Naturally, this outfit was paired with my cowboy boots.

The peach Gap skirt brought a fresh Spring colour. The (shrunken) wool, gold-orange, J. Crew sweater complimented the peach and added warmth. The Tiffany blue, Forever21 earrings and rose hair piece added more Spring colour.

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