Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Plan a Trip

Rum Point, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, W. B. I.,  January 2011

I stumbled upon a list of “ten things to do on a rainy day”. Since I love rainy days, I was eager to see what it suggested. Number one on the list was: Plan a trip.  Something about it struck me as almost ironic. This whole past semester, whenever I had a Spanish test, or anything I didn’t want to study for, I would plan a tip. I began doing it after asking one of my friends for any possible idea to help me procrastinate instead of study Spanish. When he recommenced that I plan a trip I enquired, ‘where to?’ and he suggested some European country. From then on, I had a lovely new means of procrastinating. I’ve planned trips to countless countries and cities around the world. The most extensive trip consisted of something like the following: beginning in Greece, road tripping up to Russia, down and around Eastern Europe, stopping at the Hill of Crosses in Lithuania and visiting Poland, going to Ireland and the UK, and ending in Rome. Although I was tempted to purchase some tickets to Ireland, and a road trip to Chicago fell through less then three days before it was supposed to happen, none of the many wonderful and beautiful trips I fantasized about ever came to be.

You can plan a trip to anywhere. It’s alright to dream. Maybe those dreams will never come true or maybe you'll go somewhere you never dreamed, but the possibility of traveling somewhere amazing doesn't actually need to be on the horizon for you to feel the thrill and excitement of planing a trip. 

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  1. Maybe you could plan a trip to your room and clean it! ;-)